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Hartwood net zero is a seven turbine wind farm located in the area of North Lanarkshire. These turbines will generate wind power to provide renewable energy and remove CO₂ emissions. Protium purchased Hartwood Windfarm site from ABO wind, who secured planning permission in 2017 and, following ground investigation works, protium expects to commence construction in 2024.

The project:

Hartwood Windfarm will comprise seven wind turbines with a maximum tip height of 126.5m and produce 20.5MW.  The development will remove over 38,500 tonnes of CO₂ emissions each year. Hartwood will support our green hydrogen ambitions across the UK.

About Protium

Protium will support the development of over 500MW of new renewable resources by 2025, rising to at least 1GW by 2030.Protium works with industrial and manufacturing businesses to achieve net zero energy emissions by designing, developing, financing, owning and operating green hydrogen and renewable energy solutions.  We have over 40 staff, operate across the UK and our current project pipeline expands into Europe. We will be one of the first companies to have multiple green hydrogen facilities across the UK.

Current projects in the UK include:

Samlesbury Net Zero is a pioneering green hydrogen energy project being proposed at Budweiser Brewing Group’s Samlesbury brewery in Lancashire.

Commissioning Pioneer One marks a significant milestone in building a network of hydrogen generating facilities for the UK’s green hydrogen infrastructure. 

HyHAUL is the Protium led project delivering the largest hydrogen mobility corridor in the UK to accelerate the decarbonisation of the heavy haulage sector.

What’s being planned?

Protium purchased Hartwood Windfarm site from ABO wind. The development of a seven turbine windfarm secured planning permission in 2017 and, following ground investigation works, we expect to commence construction in 2024.

Over 38,500 tonnes of CO₂ removed each year

Economic benefits for the local community

Working with the local supply chain and engaging with local businesses, schools and education providers

Supporting the UK’s transition to Net Zero and the wider government green hyrdogen agenda


The formal statutory consultation for this project has been completed however we continue to welcome the opportunity to engage with stakeholders and neighbours. The project is committed to contributing an annual payment of £5000 per Megawatt(MW) of installed capacity into the local community benefit fund in line with Scottish Government guidelines.

With a proposed generation capacity of up to 20.5 MW, this means that the Hartwood Community Benefit Fund (CBF) could make an annual contribution of up to £102,500: a total of over £2.5 million over the 25-year operational lifetime of the wind farm. We welcome the opportunity to work with local partners and the community to best utilise that resource.  The project will also support the local natural environment with bog and peat restoration and over four hectares of tree planting.

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